Polar F6 with Weblink

I bought a Polar F6 about a year ago and it's been brilliant. It's pretty reliable, glows in the dark and if you hold the watch to the heartband while running it pings and tells you how hard your working.

Until today I've been unable to get it to upload exercise logs to my computer. It turns out the problem was my computer. For some reason my laptop mic just doesn't pick up the signal sufficiently well. My webcam on the other hand worked first time!


Really into Freecycle at the moment. It's a mailing list where people give away stuff. For more information Google Freecycle or go to Freecycle.org.

I think it's the best sort of recycling because the product doesn't have to be broken down in parts and then rebuilt. Here are a few things I'm freecycling today:

Simple panorama

Here's a simple Panorama shot using a standard compact digital camera and stitched effortlessly using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Red earth field

3D animation of Audi TT for Lightenna.com

This animation currently features at http://www.lightenna.com as part of an integrated JS/Ajax presentation.

Closure timelapse sequences

These two sequences were created for the goodkarma short "Closure" written by Ben Anderman.

Same video in close up (native resolution)

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