Really into Freecycle at the moment. It's a mailing list where people give away stuff. For more information Google Freecycle or go to

I think it's the best sort of recycling because the product doesn't have to be broken down in parts and then rebuilt. Here are a few things I'm freecycling today:

  • 1970s chair recovered in soft navy blue cloth and yellow (Mulberry) Nubuck Suede. The cloth and suede are in impeccible condition. The chair underneath is comfortable but brown and was made before fire regulations required it to be flame retardant.


  • XGA Awesome - device for converting composite video to VGA. Very useful for showing old games console/video camera output on Computer screens. I used it for showing an XBOX on a 15" CRT monitor.

XGA Video device

  • Belkin KVM switch - allows you to connect two computers to a single monitor. Input/outputs: Mic (Audio In), Speakers (Audio out) and USB.

Belkin KVM switchXGA Video device closeup