Investment in Fibre infrastructure is predicated on finding a sustainable business proposition, one where users value more highly the greater connection speed and quality of service if affords. The demand for next generation broadband will be shaped by the content and services it delivers.

Virtual worlds, such as those rendered by Games consoles like Sony’s Playstation 3, are more closely approximating the physical world with each hardware iteration. Display and audio technology is converging on the native resolution of our bodies’ sensors. The networks’ capacity is growing to facilitate the transfer and sharing of experiences. In the next 20 years the convergence of these technologies will profoundly alter our ability to communicate, play and work together. While not a single identifiable technology in its own right, the intersection of these advances is as profound as the evolution that began with the creation of the Internet. It is this progression that lead to the emergence of truly next generation content experiences and services, the demand for which will justify investment in the network.