Action Script 3.0 (as3) has native functions to draw basic 2D primitives. In AS2 you had to calculate all the points on, say a circle, then draw it using line segments. I've written a little demo which draws circles. This time trial aims to complete in roughly 100ms.

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var time_thresh:int = 100;
var unit:int = 500;
var circles:int = 0;
for (var j=0 ; j<20 ; ++j) {
for (var i=0 ; i drawdown.createCircle((100+i*11)%500,(100+i*11)%300,25,0x0099FF);
circles += unit;
if (timer.lap(timer_id) > time_thresh)
var time_taken = timer.stop(timer_id);


Walter Zorn has come up with a Vector graphics library for Javascript, a remarkable achievement. Walter's library is functionally comprehensive (ellipses, polygons) but it isn't as fast as Flash. It uses pixel painting, literally creating hundreds of tiny DIV elements for a single primitive.


Javascript and Flash have different timing mechanisms. I understand that neither is particularly accurate. These timing figures give you an indication of relative speed and order of magnitude.

  Flash Javascript
Circle 0.03 ms 30 ms


Some great tips on speed from Open Source Flash

Other notes

Mathieu Henri has created a mechanism for drawing diagonal lines. It works by resizing an IMG tag to stretch a fixed diagonal line (45 degrees) to fit an arbitrary bounding box. It's quick (for javascript) and could be extended to circles, but they would be unacceptably aliased/blocky.

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