I haven't had a great experience of NOD32 with Windows 7. This antivirus software performed great Windows XP, meeting all my expectations (lightweight, fast, inexpensive, updated frequently and kept me virus free).

This week I've been getting Security Exceptions in Firefox and Dropbox hasn't been able to connect to its server. The cause? NOD32 protecting SSL channels (e.g. HTTPS). In the end I went to 'Advanced settings' and disabled:

  • Enable Antivirus and antispyware protection
  • Enable Anti-Stealth technology
  • Enable Self-Protection

After rebooting, everything worked fine. I then progressively re-enabled them. At the moment they're all enabled and everything seems to be ok.

I previously went to 'Web access protection' -> 'HTTP/HTTPS scanning' and told it explicitly 'Do not use HTTP protocol checking', and 'Protocol filtering' -> 'SSL' -> 'Do not scan SSL protocol', but that didn't make a difference until I disabled and re-enabled everything as described above.

I don't know how it gets into these situations, but I fundamentally floors my machine for a few days which is incredibly inconvenient. Next time, I'm chucking it out and returning to Norton!