Recently my copy of Poser 9 stopped working. The Library manager refused to open, posting this error message:

FAULT Detected!
[FaultEvent fault=[RPC Fault faultString="HTTP request error" faultCode="Server.Error.Request" faultDetail="Error:[IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032"]. URL:"] messageId=978869C0-8C30-E958-7AD1-F63700E8A6F1" type="fault" bubbles=false cancelable=true eventPhase=2] --- Fault Request Info:

After some Googling I wasn't able to resolve it. I'd lost my Poser 9 disk so a reinstall (the recommended approach) wasn't an option. I was planning a Poser Pro upgrade, but after installing Poser Pro 2014 I still had this error.

Smith Micro Support were very helpful. They replied within an hour and explained that this error message was caused by either:

  • An as yet uninstalled Windows 7 update
  • An as yet uninstalled Internet explorer update, which I think is a subset of the above
  • An as yet uninstalled Flash update

I checked my Flash version, which was bang up-to-date. I ran a Windows update, which showed only 'optional' installs, but the list did include Silverlight. After installing those optional updates, Poser Pro worked perfectly. Of all the things to fix a problem like this, a problem that was caused by a bad update, it wouldn't have occurred to me that an optional Windows update would be the solution.