Blade 400 Helicopter, ships with DX6i controller

I couldn't make it work using a Mono Audio cable (Trainer/Buddy socket to PC Audio Mic input/line-in). I recommend buying a USB connector.

USB Cable
I bought a GWS ( GWFSM002B USB to Mono cable (JR/Spektrum).

The manual (single side of paper) eludes to downloading a driver. I couldn't find one. I think it means FMS.

FMS 7 Beta

Setup new model on DX6i
Model type ACRO (plane, not helicopter) as described at

This is crucial, otherwise you get some very funny control characteristics in FMS. The calibration seems impossible because two channels interfere.

Run FMS and Configure
From the Controls submenu, select Analog control then Mapping and Calibration.

FMS Calibration setup

Update 21/12/09
I've just been through this process again as I reinstalled my machine with Windows 7. The setup is almost exactly the same:

  • You need to download an extra .dll and put it in the FMS directory in Program Files. The file is called d3drm.dll and you can get it by googling "FMS Vista" or here. You do not have to put in it \Windows\System32 as instructed, as the .dll search path includes the install directory (Program Files).
  • To turn off the flicking you need to disable textures. Apparently you can accomplish the same things by resizing the background texture map (skybox) or installing a photo-realistic alternative.
  • The numbers go 4,3,2,1 instead of 8,7,6,5

Update 5/1/12
FMS Beta 7 still works with Windows 7. I haven't tested 8 yet, but I'm optimistic. It suffers from the same missing DLL (D3DRM.dll) as Windows Vista, but you can download that DLL here, from the strange advertising-filled realms of

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