What is a technical architect?

I’m applying to be a STEM Ambassador and as part of that process I have to produce a short video explaining what I do.

Technical architecture is widely adopted in the IT sector, but not widely understood outside of it so this post explains a little about the role.

The Internet

  • Made of websites
  • Made of many layers
  • Made of many servers
  • …needs designing

The job

  • Design and business driven
  • Work in Agile teams
  • High demand
  • Travel
  • Screen time

Like any job, there are good and bad sides to its characteristics.


  • Degree in Computer Science
  • Lectured in Software Engineering
  • Certified in multiple technologies
  • Consulted for an array of clients

Careers in IT

That’s what I’ve been doing so far with my career. I hope that’s informative and wish you the best of luck with yours.

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