Here are a few things I've learned and ideas that I'd like to develop with the help of anyone who chooses to contribute. Miss the old site? It's still around, preserved for posterity.
  • What I do (24 May 2021)
    Technical architecture is widely adopted in the IT sector, but not widely understood outside of it
  • Avoiding toxic working environments (26 Apr 2019)
    The things we can all do to stop our workplaces becoming bad for our health
  • Shit but charming (26 Nov 2018)
    Excel, be the best, go for broke, or opt out and choose a more human alternative
  • Be the problem you perceive in the world (28 May 2018)
    The world's full of enduring conflict, but how much of it would continue if each of us placed the responsibility on our own doorstep?
  • Leading teams up the mountain (29 Apr 2018)
    The hardest things we do tend to add the most value, but how can leaders help teams do the hard thing when it's just so much easier not to.