Basic idea: a personal digital assistant that helps me to navigative unfamiliar real-world places. <name> would be a non-invasive stream-of-consciousness type support service.

Input and training: <name> builds up a profile of what I like and where I buy it from.

Output/benefit: when walking around in an unfamiliar place (such as a foreign city), <name> uses GPS and contextual information about my surroundings to highlight relevant services. The advice is then piped to me via a bluetooth headset.

Reinforcement: where advice is used - i.e. I visit a shop or buy a product - <name> reinforces those recommendations. Where ignored, I can optionally explain why, in order to improve the relevancy of future recommendations.

Example: I'm hungry. Where nearby can I get something low-fat, gluten-free and cheap?

Risks: this thing in my ear could get really annoying; this could become another advertising channel where recommendations are not made purely on what I like.

Things it might do:

  • traffic information
  • journey guidance
  • news updates
  • iGoogle on the move
  • speech to text for notes
  • personalised radio station
  • my audio collection
  • my video collection