Surfy Surveys publishes first survey map

Surfy Surveys, a start-up I'm involved in, has just published it's first survey map.

Small map of survey results

Evolution of

I've been fielding a lot of questions about how will evolve. Here's a mockup in Prezi that shows the zooming/panning interface that we're working on.

Orange Open Movie

Elephant's Dream is an open source movie, produced using open source tools such as Blender and released under a Creative Commons licence.

Not quoted in Wired

I was very excited to do an interview for Wired UK about Extant's "The Question" installation that Technology Strategy Board invested in. Alas my comments were attributed to Alex Stanthorpe. It seems Wired and the Post Office are determined to call me something else.

Centre for Creative Collaboration launches

I did a short interview at the launch.


First shots with Canon 550D

First steps towards iPhone contact app

I followed an excellent tutorial to first learn Objective C, then create an iPhone app that accesses the Address Book. Very simple stuff, but beautifully presented by Cocoa Dev Central and Apple's Developer Network. I've made available my code for other newbies.

3D spin-around Audi R8

I created this very simple 3D spin around an Audi R8 with environment mapping to demonstrate complex reflections. It was all part of the preparation for the Lightenna website re-launch in 2008.

Flutebox and Beardyman

Just amazing!

Open motion capture data makes Rugby player dance

This is a quick example of using Carnegie Mellon's Motion Capture database to drive a 3D biped (in this case a rugby player).

Alex Stanhope is a Technology consultant to the UK Creative Industries and Venture Catalyst. This is my personal website.
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