Media Festival Arts panel

I spoke on a panel at Media Festival Arts about Technology Strategy Board and our £5m Metadata competition.

Why invest in NGA?

Investment in Fibre infrastructure is predicated on finding a sustainable business proposition, one where users value more highly the greater connection speed and quality of service if affords. The demand for next generation broadband will be shaped by the content and services it delivers.

Partnering for Metadata innovation kicks off

I presented at the first leg of the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network's Partnering for Innovation events in Birmingham today.

GBP5m competition Metadata: increasing the value of digital content

Technology Strategy Board recently announced a £5m investment to help the UK Creative Industries use Metadata to derive greater value from the content they produce.

Live webcast announcement of Metadata competition

On Tuesday 1st June at 12noon, Jeremy Silver and Alex Stanhope are participating in a live webinar in which Technology Strategy Board will be announcing a new competition. Please tweet questions against the hashtag #tsbmeta.

Underestimating the importance of Google Docs

I'm playing with Google Docs Drawings. Not only is the software phenomenally easy to pick up, but like all Google documents it's online. I'm just now starting to understand the profound impact this is going to have on our working culture.

Browser-based: all you need is a web browser to get started; no install, no maintenance, no backup etc.

Collaborative: when you're authoring a document, others can be viewing your work or contributing to it as it's created.

GBP18m competition to address the challenges of file sharing and fibre to the home

I was recently interviewed about an £18m competition we've announced to address some of the challenges highlighted in the Digital Britain report.

What is the Testbed?

New challengers or incumbents but thinkers all

Nestled beneath an exterior of partying, drinking (I'm told the former is independent of the latter) and self-promotion (dependent on both), there lies a festival of ideas and their expert thinkers at SXSW. Last night I watched Mark Cuban and Avner Ronen debate the long term sustainability of Pay TV, brilliantly. Every subsector pundits who can readily trot out the policy line on why the industry is struggling and who's to blame, but Mark and Avner's debate transcended the same old story.

Discovered my profile online at c&binet

Whilst trying to find the URL for my Flickr profile, I came across myself. I had the chance to speak at C&binet Forum last year and they did a profile of me.

The state of the Creative Industries, forecast by Kyle from South Park

This would be funny were it not so extraordinarily insightful and accurate. Actually it's funny anyway.

Alex Stanhope is a Technology consultant to the UK Creative Industries and Venture Catalyst. This is my personal website.
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