In-browser 3D

I've been looking at a couple of options for implementing 3D interfaces in a web-browser environment.

Nothing native

The major browsers don't support 3D out of the box. They require a plugin. The least install-heavy is Java3D, which typically pops out of the browser using Java Web Start. The chances are your machine already has Java 5 or 6 installed. Samples.

Plugin options

Digital Britain released

Today the final report for Digital Britain was published by the DCMS. I've only had a chance to skim through it, but here are the things that jumped out at me.

#24 The Universal Service Commitment (USC) mentions Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC).

#34 Ranging from 4MB (rural) to 50MB (cities and suburbs), the next generation of wireless access promises some interesting pervasive media applications.

#35 Ofcom to extend the life of the existing 3G licences indefinitely.

#39 Radio will move across to DAB by 2015.

b.TWEEN in Liverpool

Listened to some phenomenal talks at b.TWEEN this year.

Particularly moved by Melissa Sterry's frank, open and empassioned talk on the need for sustainable businesses.

Prosumer reorganisation of value chains

I've been thinking about how producer-consumers (prosumers) are affecting the value chain in the content industries (e.g. publishing, film, tv, radio, new media).

Openness in relation to knowledge, services and people

Openness is a distruptive concept in the fields of knowledge (wikipedia), content (creative commons), applications (open source software), services (open APIs) and people (crowdsourcing and community contribution).

Vimeo test

This is a Vimeo embedding test.

End of test

So you want a website eh?

I've been involved in producing websites for a while, which means I'm often asked how to go about it. The internet is full of contradictory advice on the subject, so here's my take. It's full of terms that may not be familiar to new content commissioners (that's you), but there are lots of online resources to help explain. I encourage you to learn about the area before spending any money.

Start simple and grow
It's better to create 1 page today, 1 next month than 10 now

Make sure you publish it all yourself

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