Frequency art

This is a picture of a snowboarder, broken up into patches then converted into frequency space using a fourier transform.

Cartoon house carbon footprint animation

Cartoon house

Simple HDRI example using 3DS Max and Mental Ray

Found a couple of great tutorials on YouTube and Blue Sfear so I created a simple 3D scene using a High-Dynamic Range Image (HDRI).

Simple animation of Motion Builder 'Ed' character

This is a video I produced by following the Motion Builder 7.5 tutorial, exporting the animation into 3D Studio Max 9, adding a simple camera move then rendering.

Odd banding in shafts of light in simple 3DS mental ray render

I've been playing with Volume lights. There's a banding effect in the shafts of light and I'm not sure why it's there. I imagine it's one of my settings [3DS Max file]. Any suggestions welcome.

Simple use of mr Area Lights in 3D Studio Max

I downloaded the Lighting tutorial demo from 3D and produced this simple image. Attached to this post is the 3D Studio Max 9 file if you want to have play.

Painting (acrylic on canvas) 2

If I raced in Formula 1, it'd be expensive

I've often entertained the fantasy of driving a Formula 1 car. If I did, I hope I wouldn't do this...

My Angel: an intelligent recommendation service

Basic idea: a personal digital assistant that helps me to navigative unfamiliar real-world places. <name> would be a non-invasive stream-of-consciousness type support service.

Input and training: <name> builds up a profile of what I like and where I buy it from.

Output/benefit: when walking around in an unfamiliar place (such as a foreign city), <name> uses GPS and contextual information about my surroundings to highlight relevant services. The advice is then piped to me via a bluetooth headset.

Painting (acrylic on canvas) 1

Alex Stanhope is a Technology consultant to the UK Creative Industries and Venture Catalyst. This is my personal website.
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