Frequency art

This is a picture of a snowboarder, broken up into patches then converted into frequency space using a fourier transform.

Cartoon house carbon footprint animation

Cartoon house

Openness in relation to knowledge, services and people

Openness is a distruptive concept in the fields of knowledge (wikipedia), content (creative commons), applications (open source software), services (open APIs) and people (crowdsourcing and community contribution).

BMW Z4 on your real-world desktop

BMW have recently launched their new Z4, but as well as a glossy TV spot, the company are deploying a complex social media campaign.

Simple HDRI example using 3DS Max and Mental Ray

Found a couple of great tutorials on YouTube and Blue Sfear so I created a simple 3D scene using a High-Dynamic Range Image (HDRI).

Simple animation of Motion Builder 'Ed' character

This is a video I produced by following the Motion Builder 7.5 tutorial, exporting the animation into 3D Studio Max 9, adding a simple camera move then rendering.

Odd banding in shafts of light in simple 3DS mental ray render

I've been playing with Volume lights. There's a banding effect in the shafts of light and I'm not sure why it's there. I imagine it's one of my settings [3DS Max file]. Any suggestions welcome.

Simple use of mr Area Lights in 3D Studio Max

I downloaded the Lighting tutorial demo from 3D and produced this simple image. Attached to this post is the 3D Studio Max 9 file if you want to have play.

Is 1/1000th of a second at Sepang equivalent to the width of a matchstick

On Saturday morning Jenson Button qualified in first place for the Malaysian Grand Prix ahead of Jarno Trulli. At one stage the gap separating pole and second place was just 1/1000th of a second. I was watching the BBC's Eddie Jordan explain what that meant in real terms. He said it equated to the width of match.

Bored waiting for the Grand Prix to begin on Sunday morning, I thought I'd check.

Length of the circuit: 3.444 km
Truli qualifying time: 1:35.273 or 95.273s
Average speed: 3444/95.273 = 36.149 m/s

Distance covered each 1/1000th of a second: 0.036m = 3.61cm

Racing at Silverstone

On Sunday morning, while Jenson Button was leading the Australian Grand Prix in Melborne, I had a chance to put in some fast laps too! I visited Silverstone for a single seater driving experience.

At 140bhp these Formula Ford cars lack the power of an F1 car, but they do capture something of the excitement. Capable of accelerating from 0-60 in 4.5seconds, they will do about 100mph before hitting the rev limiter in fourth. Absolutely brilliant fun!

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