Tardis safe violates the laws of physics

I can almost read the newspaper headlines now; "Tardis discovered in Cambridge"; "Doctor Who mystery in UK town"; "Physics no longer Safe". Alas they won't be written about the Arundel House Hotel's security devices, which while magical to a naive mind (like mine) don't actually bend the space-time continuum like Father Christmas.

Orange Open Movie

Elephant's Dream is an open source movie, produced using open source tools such as Blender and released under a Creative Commons licence.

IE CSS transparency bug

As part of my experimentation for Thinkope, I'm often setting opacity on divs and their containers. I've exposed this IE transparency bug which renders correctly in Firefox but cuts a hole out of the top div in Internet Explorer.

Snapshot demonstrating cut-out bug

Extraordinary fruits of openness

The value of open source software is much talked about, both in terms of the direct and indirect returns to those that give their time to its construction and those that build composite services upon it. Really interesting things happen when we stop associating open source with lines of code.

Why invest in NGA?

Investment in Fibre infrastructure is predicated on finding a sustainable business proposition, one where users value more highly the greater connection speed and quality of service if affords. The demand for next generation broadband will be shaped by the content and services it delivers.

Partnering for Metadata innovation kicks off

I presented at the first leg of the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network's Partnering for Innovation events in Birmingham today.

Not quoted in Wired

I was very excited to do an interview for Wired UK about Extant's "The Question" installation that Technology Strategy Board invested in. Alas my comments were attributed to Alex Stanthorpe. It seems Wired and the Post Office are determined to call me something else.

FreeRangeFeedback in 2 minutes

This is the first promotional video for FreeRangeFeedback.

Centre for Creative Collaboration launches

I did a short interview at the launch.


GBP5m competition Metadata: increasing the value of digital content

Technology Strategy Board recently announced a £5m investment to help the UK Creative Industries use Metadata to derive greater value from the content they produce.

Alex Stanhope is a Technology consultant to the UK Creative Industries and Venture Catalyst. This is my personal website.
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