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I've just rolled out free (range) feedback on this site.

You'll notice a little Feedback link on the right hand side of each page.

Clicking the link allows you, you anonymous user, to write a note right on top of my page. I can then log-in to view all the notes stuck on my pages. Try it!

Formula 1 PC game 10GBP

I've been playing rFactor recently. The game itself is an amazing achievement (good physics engine) but perhaps more incredible is the level of activity in its mod community.

CTDP publish an F1 2006 mod, for free, which as you can see if both highly detailed and playable (you'll have to take my word on the second part).

Windows folder shortcuts using relative paths

Windows XP does not allow relative paths to be used in folder shortcuts. However you can create a .bat file which opens a folder using a relative path:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe "core\masters\functionspace\accounting"

This spawns a new Explorer window, whereas a simple shortcut double-click will open the folder in the same viewer.

Windows Live Mail on Server 2003

It is possible!

Subtle change
Program Files > Common Files > Windows Live > .cache (hidden)

You need all the installers.

How to process credit card refunds in Quickbooks

I've really struggled with this recently in Quickbooks 2004. I think I've got it sorted now, so here's the process I followed.

Situation: I buy something (for 99.99) and pay with the company credit card. Weeks later (perhaps in the next VAT quarter) I send it back. The company issues a credit note and refunds my credit card.

Original bill
Items filed in account: Insurance
Paid by credit card. Credit card gets reconciled. Credit card bill paid by direct debit from Current account.

On receiving the credit note
Create credit note (like Create Bill, just credit note)

Using free USB flight sim FMS with Spektrum DX6i controller

Blade 400 Helicopter, ships with DX6i controller

I couldn't make it work using a Mono Audio cable (Trainer/Buddy socket to PC Audio Mic input/line-in). I recommend buying a USB connector.

USB Cable
I bought a GWS ( GWFSM002B USB to Mono cable (JR/Spektrum).

The manual (single side of paper) eludes to downloading a driver. I couldn't find one. I think it means FMS.

FMS 7 Beta

Setup new model on DX6i

Image processing JPEGs

I've wanted to play with some image processing techniques for ages. This is how I opened a JPEG file for image processing. I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and CImg.

Download CImg

To use some of the examples (e.g. jpeg_buffer) you need Jpeglib

Download Win32 version of Jpeglib:

Polar F6 with Weblink

I bought a Polar F6 about a year ago and it's been brilliant. It's pretty reliable, glows in the dark and if you hold the watch to the heartband while running it pings and tells you how hard your working.

Until today I've been unable to get it to upload exercise logs to my computer. It turns out the problem was my computer. For some reason my laptop mic just doesn't pick up the signal sufficiently well. My webcam on the other hand worked first time!


Really into Freecycle at the moment. It's a mailing list where people give away stuff. For more information Google Freecycle or go to

I think it's the best sort of recycling because the product doesn't have to be broken down in parts and then rebuilt. Here are a few things I'm freecycling today:

Simple panorama

Here's a simple Panorama shot using a standard compact digital camera and stitched effortlessly using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Red earth field

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